Five years ago, Reuters photographer Carolina Camps documented the stories found in the maternity wing of a women’s prison in Los Hornos, Argentina. The prison not only housed female inmates, it was also home to 63 of their children, who were allowed to live with their mothers inside the jail until they were four years old. Now, half a decade on, Camps tracked down four of the women to see what had become of them and of their young families. — Paula Nelson ( 30 photos total)

This combination photograph shows Valeria Cigara posing when she was pregnant with her daughter Milagros as she was serving a sentence for robbery in the Los Hornos women’s prison in La Plata November 4, 2007; and Cigara hugging Milagros, now four-year-old, during a visit by Milagros to her mother’s latest prison in Magdalena, where Cigara is awaiting trial for a fourth case of robbery August 19, 2012. Cigara raised Milagros in prison with her until she turned two. Argentine law allows women prisoners to raise their infant children in jail until the age of four, after which they must leave to live with family or in a state home. (Carolina Camps/Reuters)

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