Since Sept. 9, there has been a standoff between the Philippine Army and Moro National Liberarion Front rebels in the southern communities near Zamboanga city, Philippines. Hundreds of residents were taken hostage and tens of thousands evacuated from their homes during the battles. About 20 hostages remain as the fighting continues and rebels are captured. -Leanne Burden Seidel ( 35 photos total)

The Philippine Army continues to shoot at rebels despite a raging fire in a stand off between government troops and rebels, in the residential village in Zamboanga city, southern Philippines, Sept. 12. The violence erupted on September 9 when about 200 Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) rebels clashed with troops as they gathered for a protest march against the failure of the government to implement a 1996 peace agreement. The guerrillas then swooped down on five villages as they fled from the troops. (Dennis M. Sabangan/EPA)