Each year, editors from the Globe Magazine ( and the Boston Globe photo department choose the most memorable and incisive pictures of the last 12 months from staff photographers. The 2014 photos that follow — and the behind-the-scenes stories about them, as told to reporter Elizabeth Gehrman — will appear in the Globe Magazine on Sunday, December 14. (And scroll down for additional great pictures that we couldn’t fit in the print magazine.)

By Francis Storrs

October 15 / Dorchester — This photograph of a baby at the Franklin Park Zoo is cute, but also, when people see it, they go “Is that the giraffe’s body or what is it?” Then they read the caption and realize it must be the mother. I try to get the readers’ attention in my pictures. That’s my whole idea of having fun with photography, trying to reach out to the readership and make a picture that will catch their eye.

(David L. Ryan/Globe Staff)