“They just keep coming,” I thought as I stood on the northern shore of Lesbos in Greece. Raft after raft landed up and down the coast of this enchanted island. It was surreal. This set the tone for the next two weeks, following the route of refugees and migrants looking for a better life. I was moved to tears watching a young boy gather as much bread as he could carry at an aid station, and I was truly inspired by the men who dived into the sea when their engine quit, pushing and pulling their raft to the rocky shoreline near Skala Sykamnias. At times they walked for miles in unbearable heat, not necessarily knowing where they were but knowing it was better than the world they fled.

By Boston Globe photographer Craig F. Walker

Samer Shkeer, a Syrian refugee, prays after crossing the Aegean to the shore of Skala Sykamnias on the island of Lesbos, Greece, on Sept. 11. From there the refugees follow the road to Mytilene, passing through Sykamnias where they camp for the night.
(Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff)