Heroin and other opioids have devastated Massachusetts families. Over the past year the Globe spent time with Raquel Rodriguez, a heroin addict from East Boston, as she struggled to get clean for her two young daughters. Raquel opened her life to us in hopes that her story might help someone else. (Read more)
— By Jessica Rinaldi

High on heroin, Raquel Rodriguez reacted as her daughters, Estrella (left) and Mimi, ran back and forth across her small living room. Tomorrow Raquel will go to the clinic and get her first dose of methadone, but tonight she worries that she won’t be able to do it. Raquel has been battling with addiction for the majority of her life. Born to a heroin- addicted mother, she has memories of drug use and sexual abuse by her early teens. She has tried to quit using before, but this time she is determined to get clean for her two young daughters. “I want them both to have a childhood that I never knew existed. Happiness, joy, love,” she said.

(Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff)