L’israeliana fa fotografie al limite dell’inquieto. Scrive di se:

I’ve been doing pics for about 2 years. I’m self-taught. All my life i’ve worked in restaurants and couldn’t keep a job for more than a year. The boredom killed me. 2 years ago i wanted to learn graphic design. I was very curious about photoshop and my teacher was busy teaching the old freehand. I wanted to alter pictures and i didn’t know anything about photography. My teacher told me “what you want to do is shit, you will never do money from this. There’s no way somebody sane will care for this crap.”

Si può tradurre più o meno cosi:

Cameriera annoiata, mollo tutto e si metto a fotografare ed ad alterare le ,ie fotografie imparando strada facendo. Il mio insegnante mi stronca.

Non c’è che dire, l’insegnante ha sbagliato! Qui e qui le fotografie.

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